Amanda Tiffin Arrangement & composition
Amanda is an experienced arranger, composer and orchestrator, as well as producer and programmer for creative tracks.
She arranges for a wide variety of situations, settings and ensembles: big band, 3 horn bands, vocals, string ensembles, anything goes.
Among others, Amanda has written arrangements for award-winning a cappella group Not the Midnight Mass, string arrangements for the singer-songwriter duo Red, Earth and Rust, vocal arrangements, string arrangements, track programming for the artist Lila, and was even commissioned to write a song for an a cappella Festival in East London!

Her main area of specialty is vocal arranging – from small ensembles to large choirs, a cappella or with accompaniment.

To order an arrangement, see a sample score or to hire Amanda to arrange especially for your ensemble, please contact her.


Examples of Compositions & Arrangements



ALL RHYTHM – All Rhythm

SOLO JAZZ VOCAL, 2 HORNS – Joint is Jumpin’

Vocal Arrangements

All Female, 4-piece a cappella – Kiss from a Rose

Don’t know Why

Full choir, 15 voices with soloist – Nomalanga

 MIXED VOICES 5-piece a capella – Heart of Life

Mixed voices, 5-piece with band
Take the A Train

Big Band Arrangements

Send in the Clowns

The Lady Day Big Band featuring Lana Crowster

String Arrangements

Waiting for you

Under the Bridge


String arrangements, and/or backing vocal arrangements, some track programming for Artist, Lila


Earth my Body